My revised summer reading list

I had a wonderful list of books that I could read over the summer. Not one of them made it to my nightstand yet. When I had nothing to read for a while (actually a day), my daughter M (she is too old to be called teenie anymore - which I realized when I was typing that word) suggested I read the Twilight books. Out of necessity I grabbed her first copy and it was yeah, ok. The characters develop slowly, the story is stretched out. But, you know, it's a fast read.
I continued with the second and third book, New Moon and Eclipse and you kind of get to like them. Now of course I have to read the fourth one too, Breaking Dawn, just to finish the series and see what happens at the end.
So, in general I have to say I am not crazy about either Edward or Jacob, like a co-worker of mine is but I am contemplating if I should add the movies to my Netflix queue, just out of curiosity.
Oh well, I just did.

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  1. We like some of the same writers :) I am going to check out these suggestions on your list! Thanks!