My planner

I recently bought the Domino Filofax personal binder. I have always used a Filofax, at least since the early 80s in Berlin. Those were the days when we did not have any computers at my work and we would type letters on a IBM selective electric machine which was one of the coolest and advanced typewriters - mine was red - very cool.
The letters were on a small ball instead of keys, which would moved along horizontally on your paper while you typed. You could exchange the ball for other fontballs. It had a built-in correction tape, so when you made a mistake you could go back and retype that letter, it would be magically removed, and then you could retype the correct letter. It made life so easy.
And in those days we used appointment books and Rolodexes. And we used to make coffee for the boss and dial the phone numbers for him so we could announce him and connect him to his party and he would not have to talk to another assistant - there were a few power-struggles between the assistants depending on the ego of their bosses - like who would connect first - Fun Times! (I still have a few grudges and don't get me started on one of my bosses..)
For my personal notes I used the Filofax and I loved it, and still do. It was time again to buy a new binder and the Domino was on sale at Filofax USA. I just had to grab it. Well, I also had to grab the pocket sized Fresco because it was just so retro. I love that one too, but the pocket size is too small for me. Actually, I have problems reading the text. And when I showed it to my friend, her eyes lit up, so I put it back in my purse and told her that her birthday was coming up in a few weeks and now she knows what she will get. We will celebrate in Vegas and I have many more gifts for her, but that's beside the point.
The paper size of the personal Filofax is 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" and just right for me. It is small enough to fit into my purse and the letters are still large enough for my eyesight. Yes, I wear reading-glasses but real small fonts bother me.
So, about the Domino binder: I chose the navy color, it goes with my netbook, also navy. (makes me smile). Ok, so here's a review of the Domino.
Price $29 - can't complain
The outside has a leather feel and the navy color is a very pretty darkblue
I love the inside velvet feel of the cream colored material.
The left inside flap has 5 slots for cards and the right inside flap has a large slot.
It comes with a plastic pocket and the standard diary fills
I was sceptical about the rubber band that functions as a closure but I think that is a great solution and it seems sturdy enough to hold a lot of paper. You can always slip a note under the band on the outside of your planner for fast retrieval.
I like the cream colored dividers and A-Z tabs. A wonderful contrast to the darkblue exterior.
The penholder is made of the same velvety cream material and is not elastic. My favorite pens are a bit on the bulky side, especially as many pens today have a rubber grip and this does not slide easily through the holder.
Otherwise I do not have any complaints.
To be continued...... Organizing my planner.....


  1. I've been using a Franklin Covey for a few years, but it's just too big to carry around conveniently. This year (starting June, which is when I start my year), I switched to a basic spiral bound day runner, and it's working just great. Light and easy to carry, with monthly and daily calendars. I've tried electronic solutions, but they just don't work as well for me as seeing things in hard copy.

  2. I have tried the electronic stuff too, but I am such a paper and pen person. The Franklin Covey never really appealed to me. I felt like the system was trying to push me into a format that did not work for me.