August 23, 2010

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Not one quiet evening in sight. M is taking over my ME time. Since Wednesday we are non-stop working on her room. We finished the paint on Saturday afternoon. It looks great. I actually like the color choice she made, which had me sceptical at first, but the light color, called "Wampum" has a nice kind of grey tone, so it is not so much lavenderish at all. The word Wampum is the name for a sacred shell bead used in Native American beadwork in the Northeast. They were either white or purple. Interesting fact. And the "Eggplant" color is a lovely dark, saturated purple, but not really purple at all. (Thanks Martha).
So being satisfied with the color and the little touchups we had to do after removing the blue tape, we happily went to visit the big Swedish furniture heaven. And lucky us, everything she wanted was available in the warehouse.
It probably was not such a pretty picture, watching the two of us loading the big boxes on our carts and then into the truck. I was out of breath and red in the face, but still strong. M was trying her best and maneuvering the carts and boxes, but a little weak in her upper arms. Now we know what areas we should be working on, I have to improve overall condition and she needs to lift some weights....
We got everything home and now the boxes are on the living room floor. The dogs are not happy as it is kind of blocking their way to the favorite couch...
We were able to assemble one piece but it sure took a lot of time and we still have many more left to do. There go my evenings......

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