August 19th, 2010

Not much happening on the knitting front here. I am almost finished with the Blue Jeans shawl and I just started the second repeat of the Hamamelis. Latter is more challenging and not a real 'relax in front of TV and knit' project, as I have to follow the pattern closely.
We have been busy in renovating M's room. She sold all her furniture on Craigslist (except the Ikea desk which is still available for $70) and now we want to paint the room, starting tonight with prep-work. The colors she chose: Martha Stewart Paints in Wampum and Eggplant (oh boy).  It should not be such a big deal as it is only 2 walls and a half (large window). But painting is really not my thing and I am already stressed about it. I want it done by Saturday night, so I can relax on Sunday. We can do it.

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