And the obsession continues....

Now begins the fun part of organizing my organizer. Probably that is why I have one, I enjoy rearranging and moving tabs and content, but this has really not kept me organized in the past.
When I first opened up my new Filofax Personal Domino I was overwhelmed. I had 'overtabbed' my previous FF and now I could not decide what I wanted to move into my new planner.
My previous system was split into way too many subcategories and colorful tabs that I just could not keep track where I was writing down what anymore. So, here is what I decided to do with the new Filofax:
First of all I removed the personal information stuff, I will fill it in and keep it in my old binder which is now serving as an archive.
This new binder came with 6 tabs - as I mentioned before, I like the cream color - just simply numbered 1 to 6.
  • Tab 1 - Calendar/Diary - this is my personal calendar, I do not use it for any work related appointments or meetings as those are on Outlook and synced to my Blackberry.
  • Tab 2 - Daily random Notes - just as they come at me, they are jotted down, i.e. new movies, tv shows, new blackberry model, a pen I want to try out, etc. (white lined paper)
  • Tab 3 - To Do list (FF To Do paper)
  • Tab 4 - Projects - notes of everything knitting - or a renovation project (we want to paint one of the bedrooms, ideas are noted here) - (white quad paper)
  • Tab 5 - Everything Books - info about books I want to read, vocabulary, etc. (colored lined paper)
  • Tab 6 - References - the FF maps - (I have the world map, Europe and Germany) and the FF stickynotes insert. 
  • Followed by the Address book with its own individual A-Z tabs 
So, I am trying to keep it simple this time and really stay organized.
A general note: my paper choices are random, I still have a lot of refills that I need to use up. After that I would prefer to only use quad paper.
Additionally, I have printed out the monthly view of a blank Outlook calendar and will add the current month on top of the calendar section.
Here is how to do it to get the size for the personal Filofax:
Open Outlook calendar
Go to File -> print
Choose 'monthly style' in print window
Click on button 'Page set up'
Chose tab 'paper'
on right hand side of window choose the page size 'Day-timer senior pocket'
Perfect solution.
To be continued......

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