I almost feel like a proud grandmother. See the cute little baby? This is AJ and I had knitted this hat some time in February for his then little unborn self. Now his mom (another co-worker.... I know, there must be something in our water) sent me this picture telling me, that she loves the babyhat and that AJ has been wearing it every day. Aww, I was actually surprised as I did not even expect anyone would be using my knitted stuff. Well, that made my Friday.

And a good Friday it is. Last week was busy, busy here at work. I came home late every night, hungry and tired. It definitely is not a good idea to knit when you are tired. I was happily knitting away two rows on the Blue Jeans Lace Shawl, then noticed an error two rows down, so I had to knit backwards, undoing two rows and then I went to bed, not having gotten any farther than before I started.

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