Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things You Like About Where You Live

This is a great topic. Besides making a list of things I love about San Diego, I will also get to read about other places and what people like about them.
I always include posts about my little outings here in San Diego, but here we go with a list of the top ten things I especially like about San Diego.

  1. The Beach - I love living close to the beach, who doesn't. There are wonderful beaches to spend a day with family and friends or by yourself with a good book and some knitting. Coronado Beach is included on the list of Top 10 Beaches produced annually by coastal expert Stephen P. Leatherman. La Jolla Cove and Shores are great places to visit with wonderful views of the coast and marine life (seals, birds and dolphins). Torrey Pines State Reserve and Del Mar is closer to home and great for long walks and hiking. And I can go on and on as the pacific coast highway stretches further north. And best of all, the water is warm.
  2. The Weather - The climate is categorized as Mediterranean, mild and sunny throughout the year. Well this year we are still waiting for the sun, as the marine layer/coastal fog has been lingering longer than expected. The best time of the year I think is the early fall. September through November usually presents some pretty warm and sunny days and that is the best time to enjoy the outdoors. And the tourists have left by then.
  3. The View from my patio - When I sit on my small patio I look out into treetops of palms, making me feel like I am on vacation all year round.
  4. Great Destinations - Not only do you have the popular attractions like San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park, Seaworld and Legoland close by for those out-of-town guests, you also are very close to mountains and deserts. Julian, Mount Palomar, Santa Ysabel Valley, Anza Borrego Springs are all worth a day trip. The Back Country has so much more to offer. One of my favorite spot is the 'Summer's Past Farms on old Highway 80. Almost across from it is a Bar (Flinn Spring or something), they serve a mean Bloody Mary. Just saying.
  5. Lack of bugs - I have not had any mosquitos or other flying pests bother me. An occasional June bug may have flown into the living room scaring the hell out of the dogs, but otherwise we are bug free. Yes, there are rattlesnakes, I have not seen one in all these years. But it could be worse. My sister who lives in Southern Germany constantly has to watch out for snakes, toads and lizards in her yard. 
  6. Great Food - So many choices of great restaurants. I wish I could afford eating out more often. Some of my favorites: Mexican Food  Robertos, Breakfast in La Jolla at Brockton Villa, Fish Tacos at Rubios , Kebabs at  Luna Grill.
  7. Balboa Park - I love this park. It reminds me of The Berliner Tiergarten in the old days. The zoo is adjacent to the park. There are so many wonderful walking paths to discover. Great architecture, Museums, Botanical Garden, Exhibits, Prado Restaurant, International Cottages (which have been there since 1935), lots of playgrounds, there is always something going on near the great fountain. 
  8. Nightlife - It's not that we go out a lot, but we know that there would be a place to go to. The Gaslamp District is packed with bars and restaurants and always fun to take a visitor to downtown. This is something that I have been missing since we moved from Berlin. Being able to have food & drink somewhere nice after 9pm. San Jose was kind of lame and I am glad that we have moved. There are many local breweries to chose from, like the Stone Brewery in Escondido, one of my favorites. 
  9. Sports - Two teams to root for all year long. Padres and Chargers and it is always fun to watch a game at Petco Park.
  10. I just love this city, that's all I can say. It has so much to offer to everyone of all ages and I never get tired of exploring new places by car or on foot.
I should become a travel guide.

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    1. I LOVE San Diego! Such a beautiful town with so many things to do! (My husband and I spent our honeymoon in San Diego. . . almost 29 years ago!)

    2. I could probably add about 50 things to your list. I've lived all over the place, and San Diego is by far my favorite. Younger Son and I went to the Zoo yesterday and had a great time. While we were there, we shared a sky ride trip with a boy from Chicago who was here on a "Make a Wish" trip. Smart kid!

    3. Lucky you , certainly sounds like a wonderful place to live ! I like the sound of that Mediterranean climate ...