Ten on Tuesday - 10 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

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It seems that my family cannot live without a TV. Even as a kid, my parents let the TV run all afternoon, regardless of anyone watching or not. Of course we only had one channel at that time and we chose when we wanted to watch a program/show or not. If it were my choice today, I could probably live without the TV but would not want to miss Netflix movies.
Here is a list of things I would do instead of watching TV:
  1. Knit, of course - knitting alone can keep me occupied all night
  2. Have a nice conversation with kids, family or friends
  3. Read a good book
  4. Sew something
  5. Try out different recipes
  6. Sort and file my collection of recipes from magazines and internet
  7. Sort and file my collection of patterns from magazines and internet
  8. Organize my digital photos
  9. Enjoy the outdoors more, take long walks or sit on the patio
  10. Declutter around me

I am not a very social person and I do not like to play games, like cards or Monopoly, but I would totally know how to entertain myself. My family on the other hand would probably not know what to do after dinner without a TV.

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