Is this a frisbee? Am I knitting a toy for the dogs to play in the park this wonderful long weekend?
Maybe. Let's see what it will turn out to be.

What a great weekend so far. I woke up on Saturday with kind of a bad mood. Just looking around and seeing the stuff I had to clean up and take care of, made me want to go back to bed, but pushing myself I had the basic cleaning done and then I attacked the area beside my bed. Remember, that I am purging bit by bit? Well I can finally walk to my bedside table again without bruising my thighs, hitting something in the way. I washed the curtains and opened the blinds and enjoyed the sunlight. That made my day. Now we only have to get rid of the two big Goodwill bags on the other side of the bed. (Let him squeeze his way to his side for once in a while.)
Today, Sunday, I am taking it easy. I cut back some geraniums, removed dead leaves and flowers and swept the patio and front door area. I made some pasta salad and some green bean salad and now I can enjoy sitting outside with my knitting, my netbook and a Bloody Mary, spicy with a good shot of Vodka. We will go meet friends for a BBQ this afternoon, my salads are ready, some meat is in the fridge and  bottle of wine is chilling. It will be a nice night. Oh, and I am looking forward to wearing my Tumbleweed shawl, perfect for a cool summer evening.

Ah, this is my green been salad. turned out pretty tasty and very German, with vinegar and sugar. Yummy.

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