And another little one

... on the way at work. We have a baby shower planned on Monday and last night I knit a little beret. My model as usual is Little Gino, not as excited as I am.
He will not hold still and model for me. And my camera is not that great. It always takes longer for the next photo to be ready.
Well, here is the top of the beret. This is way more important for the knitter. The pattern is based on the Rollin Beret by Woolly Wormhead. And the yarn is some leftover cotton yarn, do not remember the name.
I have found the same pattern for an adult fit and I am contemplating on knitting another one, either for the mom, my co-worker, or for the grandpa, who also works at our company. That would be the hit. I will see what I can do until Monday. Here is Cooper trying to model the hat, but it did not go that well.
Cooper is our big baby. He always has a sad look on his face and we all hug and pet him to make him feel better. He takes so much advantage of the situation. His eye has been irritated a few days now and with the drops and all he looks like he's been crying. Our poor baby.

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