Tumbleweed - Final Summary

Ok, so I already summarized my knitting experience with the Tumbleweed Shawl in this post. Now after blocking it, I will complete the report. Final measurements after blocking: approx. 55" wingspan, 22" depth (140cm x55cm).

by Pam Allen (Arrowhead Shawl)
380 yards (2 skeins)
4.0 mm double pointed metal needles
April 26 - June 19, 2010

There are more pictures, but the one on top is the picture of my grandmother's brooch which I love and it is perfect on this yarn and on the pattern.
On the other hand, I can not show off the other pictures because I noticed that my top had a spot right in the middle, and on every picture. Dang it.


  1. so pretty!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! :)You are a very sweet person!

  2. It's so pretty ! I'm in love with purple and green lately .