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Have you seen the movie "Love Actually"? In the beginning the narrator (I like Hugh Grant) talks about love being actually everywhere and an airport arrival gate is the best place to show these emotions.

On Saturday evening we had one hour to kill before teenie's aircraft landed, so we sat on a bench in the Arrivals area at LAX airport and watched the travelers. Mind you that we could not find one open coffeeshop after 9pm or we were just at the wrong terminal, I don't know.
Anyway, it was fun to watch. People were falling into each others' arms, hugging and laughing. One young guy drove up right in front of his waiting girlfriend. Got out of his little red car, hurried around it to embrace her on the sidewalk. Took her bag, deposited it in the trunk and opened the passenger door for her with a smooth sweep and at the same time retrieved a bouquet of red roses from the passenger seat which he galantly handed to her, actually it almost looked like he was making them appear out of nowhere. She was smitten and rewarded him with a nice kiss. Ahhh. How romantic.

Then of course we also watched the very clumsy travelers. One guy dropped his cell phone three times in front of our bench and each time he had to retrieve multiple parts (battery cover, battery, phone) that had fallen and skidded into three different directions on the sidewalk. Three times!
Others were struggling to put 7 pieces of luggage into a small car trunk. That took ages before they figured out that it will not work, neither sideways nor upright, and an additional cab had to be called. Very amusing to watch. Or the old guy who was struggling to store the bags in the back of the SUV while his wife was animatedly talking to the young couple, the kids, who were picking them up and not one of them helped the old Dad.
So, we were just sitting there and smiling or shaking our heads and making those annoying know-it-all 'tsk tsk' noises and saying things like, 'he went that way', 'it won't fit', 'look at them', 'watch out for the cart' until our flight finally arrived and we embraced our traveler, tripped over her bag and held up the waiting line of cars behind us at the exit booth of the parking garage because I could not find the parking ticket. But all is well and we are happy to have our teenie back home again.
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