Ten on Tuesday - Ten Books on your Summer Reading List

Books, I can't have enough. Not a day goes by without reading a book. I just finished Lemony Snicket's 4th book in a Series of 13 I think, "The Wide Window (A Series of unfortunate Events)", it's fun to read the adventures of the Beaudelaire children, trying to escape from their uncle, Count Olaf. And this one counted as an in-between book. A moment where I still had to digest the previous book, still clinging to the characters and their lives, before I could start to read a new one.
Currently I am reading Alice Hoffman's "The Story Sisters" the lives of three sisters, a sad story and I am reading on, in hope of finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors and I think I have read all of her books, the last one being The Third Angel, which I really liked.
My list of ten books in no particular order:

  1. Little Bee, Chris Cleave
  2. Tall Grass, Sandra Dallas
  3. The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest, Stieg Larsson
  4. The Lace Reader, Brunonia Barry
  5. Fine Just the Way it is, Wyoming Stories, Annie Proulx
  6. The other Side of the Bridge, Mary Lawson
  7. The Way the Crow Flies, Ann-Marie MacDonald
  8. The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood
  9. Last Night at Twisted River, John Irving
  10. Run, Anne Patchett
What books are you reading? I can't wait to see the list of the other participants, so I can add to my booklist.

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  1. I've read three on your list (#3,4, 6 &7 ) . I enjoyed them all .

    I just finished The "Island Beneath the Sea " by Isabel Allende. It's set in the days of slavery in Haiti . It gives a very interesting perspective on the history of that country. I really liked it and think that it's her best book since "The House of Spirits ".

    Another of my recent favourites is Judith Gael's "Romancing Miss Bronte . That's also historical fiction about the life and times of Charlotte Bronte . It made me want to go and read her other books . To date I've only read Jane Eyre .

  2. I LOVED Little Bee...and I'm about to embark on the John Irving book. I can't wait to dig into it!