Ten on Tuesday - 10 Ways To Entertain a Child

What a topic! I sent my kids to Daycare, so I would not have to entertain them.
Yeah, that sounds bad. Don't get me wrong - I love my kids and they are the best thing that has happened to me. It's just that I am not that kind of mother who constantly wants to entertain them. I did not choose to be a full-time working mom, our finances did that for us, but I think if I had been given the choice I would have worked part-time to be out in the adult world at least part of the day. There is nothing to regret about it. My kids are great independent adults now and they still talk about their time at the daycare - they were both at the same one and at the same time too. We always cherished our weekend family time and our vacations together and still do so today.
So, this is a difficult question for me, what would I do to entertain a child? And not just one thing, but a list of 10 things, oh boy. So, is this question about me?  I guess it is, because if it were about children, well there are thousand of ways to entertain them. How would I entertain a child - and I am talking about a child that is not mine, some kid I am entertaining because I promised to. Hmmmm?

  1. Do not leave me alone with a child, as I am afraid of them. Strangely, they always seem to be drawn to me.
  2. I do not talk baby-talk - talk to them as if they were adults, they like that and it makes them feel important.
  3. If they want to tell you the whole movie 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' because they see that you have a Chihuahua, let them tell you the whole story, it might take an hour and it makes time pass by faster.
  4. Bring out the paper and the crayons (not the good pens) and start coloring together, that is always fun.
  5. I do not cook or bake with kids, I could not stand the mess - I can barely stand the mess I make myself.
  6. Take them out, yes that is a good idea, take them out of the house to a park or playground.
  7. I did not mean taking them 'out' to restaurants - at least not toddlers, that is pretty stressful.
  8. Pour yourself a glass of wine in a teacup and tell them to play with the dogs.
  9. Go to the pool with them, but let your husband take them into the water. You are just watching the towels and toys.
  10. I already feel sorry for my grandchildren.
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