Ten on Tuesday - 10 Reasons To Participate in Ten on Tuesday

There is a German version "Die Dienstagsfrage" which I wanted to participate in, but always forgot. The questions are sent in by other bloggers and are usually knitting related.  Today I signed up for "Ten on Tuesday" after I saw the entry on Carole's blog and although you just read an entry with seven 'interesting' things about myself, here we go again with another list of ten, 10 Reasons To Participate in  Ten on Tuesday:

  1. As mentioned, I always wanted to participate in the German version
  2. I will make myself write an entry at least once a week
  3. It gives me a topic to think and write about
  4. I love making lists - any kind of list
  5. I get to read other people's entries - I am always curious what they might write
  6. Other bloggers get to read my entries
  7. I get to know more bloggers 
  8. Other bloggers get to know me (do I have ten yet? - no eight! - do I really want to do this?)
  9. I like to write - but seem to have a writer's block right now
  10. I may have an opinion on my own... ha ha.

So this was my first ToT entry, now I have to add a reminder on my calendar to do this every week, right?
Having fun, that's all it is. Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Great list! The best part of Carole's ToT is that she'll send you a reminder email every week with the topic. ;o)

  2. LOL! You nailed with the parenthetical comment on #8, LOL! That's how I felt and I copped out just a bit ;-)