Art Festival

On Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending the Art A Fair in Laguna Beach. A friend of mine, Enzie is a portrait artist who has a booth (B22 - if you should check it out yourself) and she had invited us to the opening night. It was great to see Enzie and to see her original paintings as I had only been following her blog about her paintings, their progress, or about food, recipes and so much more. She always has beautiful pictures and ideas to share. Many wonderful artists are exhibiting at this location and it is definitely worth a visit and open throughout the summer.

For me it was a nice short mid-week excursion. Although I had already stressed out about the traffic driving north after work (I do look a bit exhausted), we were lucky and got there without hitting any major jams. After enjoying Enzie's company and visiting the other artists, we stopped on the main street to find a nice place for dinner. But I just had to check out the ocean and I found a nice spot, a bench at the end of a street which overlooked the beach. Just sitting there and listening to the waves was so relaxing. Choice of food was Mexican like so often. And it was good. Luckily, the place was open after 9pm because it had gotten pretty late and we were able to sit outside on the patio next to a nice fire pit. I was back in bed by 11pm and glad I had the opportunity to see a friend and have a good time.
Enzie in her booth with her husband.

And this would be me enjoying a night out. Notice that I am wearing my Blue Herron shawl? Perfect for an evening in Laguna Beach. Yeah!

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