June 14, 2010

At our house everything now revolves around the Soccer World Cup. But not for me really, as I cannot watch a whole soccer game without getting bored. Now, if it were a baseball game, that I can watch - go figure (Go Padres!). So at last I had a chance this Sunday to grab the laptop which is usually occupied by the other family member and clean it up a bit. I sorted through the pictures, filed them and backed them up on an external drive. I used to run Picasa for my picture organization but it just seems so confusing. Maybe now after all pictures are sorted, I should reinstall Picasa and see if I can figure out what this software has to offer. I have uploaded a few pics to Snapfish to print them and that was much easier than uploading to Costco, where the uploader seemed to have issues with receiving too much data and froze on me multiple times. Ran some cleaning software and blasted some dust away. This was a good time to do all that without having someone look over your shoulder and ask you a lot of questions...... which I cannot stand.

Now I usually do not use a computer in the evenings at home as I am all tired of staring at a monitor at work all day, but sometimes it would be fun to check Facebook or just read some blogs. Therefore, I have decided to buy myself a new toy as I never get access to our laptop or desktop when I want to. I chose a netbook. Small and portable. I looked at the iPad, which is a real cool device, but seems like a large version of my iPod Touch to me. I read reviews for days and finally decided on an Asus 1005PE and ordered it on Amazon as it had the best price. What made me decide for a netbook was:
- First of all the price
- We already have a laptop and a desktop at home for the heavy stuff
- I like the feel and look of a laptop with a keyboard (92% size reduction) instead of the iPad touchpad and I do not want to spend more money on buying a wireless keyboard to go with that
- I do not play games or watch videos so it would be sufficient for browsing and writing
- battery life is supposed to be up to 11 hours... we will see about that.

And now I am watching the shipping tracker because I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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