Doing the happy shawl dance

After a fully planned out Memorial Day weekend, which was a bit too much action for me, I was glad to not have any plans this weekend. The weather was great, it was wonderful to sit out on the patio and read or knit and chat with the dogs who just loved to be outside and watch the neighborhood action. Currently reading Pontoon by Garrison Keillor, a funny book which makes me laugh out loud. Life as it is.
I had an empty bed, as daughter was out over the weekend and I blocked my Blue Heron shawl on the mattress. (I almost said empty nest, but we are not really there yet)
The shawl is lovely, I love it. The yarn was a delight to knit. It is rayon with metallic thread and the color 'water hyacinth/copper' is exactly the color combination that I enjoy. Although I have never been a 'purple' fan, I just love this color combination with the teal blue and copper brown. I had cast on 91 stitches in the beginning and knit about halfway through the ball of yarn, and decided that it was too wide and there was not enough yarn to get a decent length. So I undid all of it and cast on 61 this time. The blocked size is perfect 170x52 cm (66x20 inches). The first project with this pattern that I saw on Ravelry was knitted by Elke and she had added a crocheted border with beads. I had to copy her and bought some purple colored beads at Michaels. Well, I got four different type of beads because I could not decide. I tried all of them and stuck with the purple ones. They are not obvious but they do give it a special look, not to mention a bit of weight at the ends. Although the knitted yarn has a wonderful drape and does not need any weights. When soaking the shawl in cold water, it did bleed some color, not much. Blocking was easy due to the little triangles that the crocheted border made and the yarn did not bleed any color onto the towels. It dried fast overnight and has still kept its form. I am keeping this shawl for special occasions and I think it goes great with the one dress that I own (for special occasions).

Pattern Easy Lace Stole 
by Arlene's World of Lace
550 yards (1 skein)
5.25 mm double pointed wooden needles
April 28 - June 6, 2010

More Pictures

The geranium is a beautiful red that my camera captured pretty nicely. On the shawl you can see the small beads in purple. The colors came out pretty good with my simple Kodak camera. And I can't say enough how much I love my shawl.


  1. I just looked through your Germany pictures--now I have a craving for summer sausage, rum cake, and snow!

    My husband is in Germany this week--I wanted to go in his place, but the client disagreed. ;(

  2. Ah, I know, there are so many good foods that I miss here that I dream about them.