An award?

Frieda at Restless Needles handed me the Beautiful Blogger Award. I am smitten. Right back at you, Frieda. I always enjoy reading about your little grandson. My first ever award in anything ......
Now I am not exactly sure if I have the rules right, but here is what I will do:

1) Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2) Copy the award and place it on my blog. 
3) Link to the person who nominated me for this award. 
4) Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself. 
5)  Nominate 7 bloggers.
6) Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate.  
The magic number seems to be seven. I have never seen myself as an interesting person, but let's give it a shot:
1. I was born in Germany, grew up in Tehran, Iran, came back to Berlin after 22 years and now live in California. Sometimes I do miss 'Home' and I don't know where that would be. I would think that my parents' house in Tehran was my home, but since we left that country everything has changed so much in the past 25 years that I would never go back in fear that I would not find it the way I remember it. I never warmed up to living in Berlin, but we lived there for 16 years, our kids were born there and my family is still in Germany. The closest that I feel to home is where I am now.

2. As a result of having moved around I speak three languages fluently, as do most of my friends and everyone in my family.

3. I love animals, especially dogs, and I would take any lost animal home. Now we have two dogs and three birds and I would have more if we had a larger home. Only one bird was a lost animal.

4. My first knitting project was a garter stitch cardigan in dark grey wool which I knit when I was 14 with my mom's guidance and I have not stopped knitting since then. I think I still have its large cream colored buttons. I wonder what happened to the jacket? Nowadays I prefer to knit lacey scarves and shawls.

5. I love to spend time at home by myself and therefore I am often perceived as being aloof and not very social and outgoing, but you would just have to get to know me better and you can have a good friend for life - though I still need my 'alone time'.

6. I hate shopping, grocery or clothing, it does not matter. Just walking into a mall or department store gives me a headache. I go in, grab what I need and I am out of there. Even going into a yarn store stresses me out as I can never decide what I really want.

7. I have many different kinds of scented geraniums in pots and I love touching the leaves and enjoying the different scents. I wish I had a garden where I could expand my collection and just sit and enjoy my plants. Now I distribute cuttings to co-workers and friends. 
Well, that's all that comes to mind about myself. 
The very first blog that I ever came across and started to read was KnitDad sometime in 2004 and I have been following his entries since the last one a year ago. I do hope that he is fine and has just given up on writing. Since then I have learned so much through fellow bloggers, about knitting foremost, and about so many other topics that it is difficult to nominate seven co-bloggers here. There are blogs that make me laugh out loud more than once: Cake Wrecks, or wonderful pictures of dogs, like my favorite dog Charlie on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and then there are podcast blogs that I follow, like: The Knitmore Girls and I read many of the most popular knitting blogs out there.
So here are seven blogs I follow quietly most of the time and I think they are beautiful. They are in no particular order. Again, thank you to Frieda who started this outpour of information on my side. All,  have a great day.

A knitter blogging about farmlife: What Housework?
From Down Under: Pea Soup
A German knitter: Der kleine Sockhaus
A local knitter: Knitting Linguist
And another knitter in my area who has chicken: Yarnhog
A favorite to read: Now Norma Knits
Here's another favorite: Hey Lucy

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  1. Hey, thanks! I enjoy reading your blog, too. :)

    I didn't know you lived in Iran. That's really interesting. I can see why you wouldn't want to go back now, though.