The Wise ones said

My friend read a tarot card that I drew from the deck after asking myself a question. I drew "10 of Swords (upright)" and she read:

This is one of the difficult cards. Its appearance marks the beginning of the end of a period of trials and tribulations. It also signifies the start of a new cycle. But first you have to clear away the debris of the old cycle and often this process is painful. Stress and exhaustion may accompany the appearance of this card. Stop worrying.
Upright: When the ten swords appear upright it suggests that you need a clean break from the past and its attendant pain and suffering. Whether this means a divorce, quitting a job, moving across the country or changing a belief, make the break cleanly leaving no loose ends. Do away with previous illusions that have clouded your vision.
Wow, I cannot even say, how blown away I was. This hit the spot.

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