Can I join you in Pandora?

Finally we saw the movie Avatar, I know, we are always a bit behind on the newest trends. And we only saw it on a regular flat screen tv in a small living room, not in 3-D or on the widescreen, but still, it was an impressive movie. We loved it.
It also made me sad, because we humans are destroying everything in this beautiful world. Look at the oil-spill, this is a nightmare and it seems as if we are helpless in stopping the flow. I don't want to see the news or hear about all the nature destroyed through this human construction. All the animals.... so sad.
And all those awful floods, besides the storms and rains, some of it can be human fault. By human intervention and modification of the natural flow of rivers, natural habitat is lost and it can intensify the pattern of flooding and erosion. It all comes down to human greed.
Do I even need to mention the bankers? Speaking of which, it seems somehow the focus has shifted away from these guys. Luckily a car bomb was found on Times Square and CNN was reporting on this for 24 hours, the same interviews, the same faces, the same report. How convenient (I always have the feeling that terrorism is a great excuse for everything nowadays and who knows what and how much these companies can influence). No one is talking about those thieves or their investigation. They will probably make a deal and consider some kind of settlement and then that's done and off the table. Yeah, I'm mad and sad.
On the bright side, I had a wonderful afternoon with old friends, we got together at their place, saw the great movie and had some great food and wine (I can still feel the wine today). I made potato salad and an apple dessert and on our way to their place we stopped at the German Deli Tip Top in Carlsbad and loaded a lot of sausages and cold cuts into our shopping basket. Most of the sausages we enjoyed last night with our friends and some we took back home. It's going to be a German week at our house.... Prosit und Guten Appetit!

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