Blue Heron shawl

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I have made great progress on my project with the Blue Heron Yarn. I like the pattern that I chose in the end, the Easy Lace Stole by Arlene's World of Lace, and I think it is perfect with this yarn. The lace pattern is really easy, as the name already says. It shows off the colors in the yarn and the metallic thread sparkles so much more than in any previous pattern swatches. The knitted part feels light and I know it will drape nicely around my shoulders. So far I am pretty happy with this choice of pattern.

The Merino Mia project is also a joy to knit. I am excited to be trying out my first triangular shawl. I have two skeins of the Merino Mia and that should be sufficient for a nice sized shawl. The pattern is easy to follow and so far I did not need any stitch markers as it is quite clear and obvious where the center stitch is located and the pattern repeats are.
Both projects are fun to knit, so I should be a happy knitter for a while.

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  1. Love both of your shawls , the yarns are gorgeous ! Good choices for the patterns .

    How're you making out with "The Girl Who Played with Fire " ?