My Juno shawl is .......

.... done at last after running into a few snags which were user related.
What I learned:

  • Print the chart in color, you may miss some colored borders that emphasize repeats. 
  • Read the chart carefully, there may be a row that does not repeat the YO of the previous rows and you end up with additional stitches which can be pretty frustrating. 
  • Don't knit the lace pattern while watching a movie where you need to pay attention otherwise you will miss the whole story or while thinking of an answer to some probing questions by the daughter. 

On the other hand, knit the middle part of this shawl exactly at those moments. Contrary to many knitters, I really enjoyed the middle part, it was a great tag along project.
Looking at the shawl I do not mind that it is not symmetric.The admirers at work have not noticed at all, and I am not picky about it either. In the end I did not block the shawl on a bed or other big area but over two old wingchairs that we have on our patio which I pushed together. It worked. I had soaked the Juno in Dove shampoo and added a little conditioner during rinsing.

Today may be the last day that I can wear a warm woolen shawl as it is cool and rainy in San Diego. And I am wearing it with a smile.

Yarn: Junghanswolle Freizeit 4-ply
440 yards (402 m) - 2 skeins
US4/3.5 mm double pointed metal needles
January 28, 2010 - April 11, 2010
Measurements: 51x16.5 inches (42x130 cm)


  1. Looks *great*!! I know what you mean by complicated movie + knitting = either knitting disaster or missed plot. I now let my husband pick movies when I have to pay attention to my knitting. I don't mind missing the plot of a 1970s sci-fi movie... :)

  2. It looks fabulous ! I have to give lace knitting my full attention , saves alot of headaches and much ripping out .