Decisions, decisions....

I just love this part of a project: choosing a pattern that goes best with the yarn.
So, these past few days I have been casting on, knitting, ripping, casting on again. I have not followed this with my camera, probably because I am just so immersed in my decision making.
I find a pattern I like, for example the Woodland shawl by Nikol Lohr. On Ravelry this pattern is knit with the Blue Heron Yarn as well as with the Merino Mia by Prism.
I started casting on with my Blue Heron yarn and knit 2 pattern repeats. It looked nice, the pattern knits easily but there was something that did not really work out for me, my yarn did not show itself off. This is a soft, light yarn, with sparkle due to its metallic thread and the pattern was making it too dense and dark and it did not feel as soft anymore. Rip... moving on.
But then on the other hand, I like the pattern, so I tried the other yarn, the Merino Mia and cast on. There is a nice project on Ravelry by Michiele with exactly the same yarn and the same colorway and it looks perfect. After two pattern repeats, rip... it did not work for me.
This yarn is so beautiful, the color reminds me of little violets although it is called Tumbleweed. come to think of it, it does remind me of those big thistle blooms I see on my dogwalks. I might try to knit a triangular shawl which would be a first for me. I guess I have everyone confused by now.
Well, here is the pattern that I have chosen for the the Merino Mia yarn. The Little Arrowhead Shawl by Pam Allen, which was published on Interweave Knits Online. I have cast on and knit two repeats and it is satisfying. Let me continue with this one for a while and see how it feels. I see little flower buds in purple and green, I like that. A picture with my blackberry will have to do for today. My progress on my second project is much further along and I think I have the perfect pattern for that one. Updates to follow.......

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