I can't refrain from checking out books at Amazon. While browsing, I saw that these two bloggers Rachael and Laurie are listed together. How cute. Both are still in my shopping cart and I am trying to figure out if I should download the Kindle version for me iPod or buy the book. My shelves at home can't hold anything any more. I have just added three other books I got at B&N yesterday because I had a gift card. Couldn't find the Lovesong book though, but got these: Book No2  The Girl who played with Fire - I could not put down the first one, so this is going to be fun to read. Then, I took Pontoon, A Lake Wobegon Story by Keillor which was on the sale table, always a funny read, and you know what? I forgot what the third book was. Well, anyway, they are taking up space on my night table and the bookshelf (not to speak of 15+ boxes in storage filled with books) So, what is your take on this, would you switch to e-books or keep collecting the paper kind? I can't decide. I have downloaded a few books to my iPod, like a short story collection by Stephen King. A good thing to carry along when you do not have your knitting with you or a book to read and need to wait somewhere. I still like turning the paper pages.
Oh, by the way, at B&N I could have waited for a book signing with Sam the Cooking Guy. Too bad I had to rush home. Would have been fun.

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  1. Mike got me a Kindle as a Christmas /birthday gift , I love it ! I like that I can download a book wherever and whenever I want .They are also slightly cheaper , though the prices have gone up since Apple introduced the IPad .I can see ereaders becoming increasingly popular in the future .

    I still buy paperbooks , but am more choosy . The funny thing is if I buy one for the Kindle I will read it , whereas actual paper books I buy sometimes end up on the shelf unread taking up space .I think that has to do with having spent money on a device I'd darn well better read the book.

    Wait till you get to #3 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest - amazing . What a let down that there are no more ...