A fine model

We have a few ladies at work who are expecting babies this year. One of them actually in a few weeks. So last night I just felt like knitting a little baby beanie for her.
I combined a few different patterns I found on Ravelry and came up with this little guy. It was done in an hour. We were watching a Netflix movie and it was perfect. I have no clue whatever made me add this movie to my queue, but it was pretty good. "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson, in two parts. Maybe I will knit another beanie tonight for the other pregnant girl while watching part two. Reversing the colors, the teal as the main color and the stripes in darkgreen.
Of course, our little model, Gino, had to volunteer. Not that he really wanted to. I wanted to take a closeup of the beanie, but I noticed that we do not have a doll anymore, so in the end, my wineglass had to do. And a fine model it is.

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  1. Love the dog picture! They always look so pathetic modeling clothes. ;)