I have been dragging my butt on the Juno shawl. I just don't feel like concentrating on a lace pattern at this moment. So I dug out my old logcabin blanket and continued to knit along in garter stitch. That is so relaxing and there is no hurry and no end to it. The blanket can get as big as I want it to, or it takes as long as there is leftover yarn to use up, also no end to that.
Not much happening on the cooking front either. Last night I made Campbell's tomato soup (added a dollop of sour cream on each plate), accompanied by a freshly baked focaccia bread topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella. This sounds so made from scratch and it almost is. Like on the Food Network, what's that show called? Semi-Homemade with Sandra? Anyway, I get the focaccia dough ready in a plastic bag at my new favorite store Fresh & Easy. It's less than $2.00, I always have marinara sauce and shredded cheese at home and this is fast, cheap and tastes so good. Hey, now I sound like Sandra's other show Money Saving Meals. 

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