Some people are just so inconsiderate. Since Friday afternoon this white SUV was parked so close behind ours that we were not able to move all weekend, the van in front of us was also too close. We put a kind note on the windshield asking to move the car before Monday morning as my husband leaves for work at 3.30am. I know the owner lives in our condo complex and we did not want them towed unless it really became necessary, so we waited patiently, my husband taking the other car to work on Saturday morning and checking on the cars every now and then. Finally on Sunday evening the SUV and the van were gone but there was a note on our window, saying: "I have parked here for three days and you are too close to my car." What?
I saw the SUV parked in a spot in the complex on Monday and it was halfway on the street, instead of in their carport, probably had rolled back. I wanted to put up a note,like 'something is wrong with your brakes, or you need to learn how to park....almost adding !LADY!, not even knowing if the driver is a woman or not, just seems so to me. But then again, why get all worked up about it. I did have to hold back my husband though who was pretty p/o'd at the whole incident.

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  1. I think this is a German thing: we see bad driving and immediately think "woman driver"! :( We're not very emancipated in that regard. And yet: whenever I see an SUV doing something stupid in Boston, it's a woman behind the wheel. Usually a very young woman.

    In any event, I understand how frustrating this kind of thing is!