It is cold in San Diego .....

........a whopping 16C or 60F. This morning it was around 37F and I had to make poor Gino wear his little sweater so he would not freeze his little tush. I wore my fingerless gloves and it was perfect. Finally time to make use of the home-made goods.

My barometer shows it is still cloudy with possible rain showers. See the guy is outside the house, while the lady is still inside. She only comes out when the sun shines. Actually he was all the way out yesterday. He is wearing the raincoat and holding on to a little black umbrella. Whereas she is wearing the traditional southern dress - a Dirndl. (Please ignore the dust.) This little weather house belonged to my grandmother and she had it on her patio in her garden cottage. I just loved that cottage in Berlin. It smelled woodsy, herbal, fresh - the garden was full with flowers and fruit trees. She also planted all kinds of vegetables and I loved it when she cooked green beans and peas and carrots all handpicked from her yard. It is such a wonderful time spent with your grandmother when you crouch down in front of the vegetable bed and she tells you to pull on the greens and I still remember the excitement when the big long orange carrot surprised me. 
Another memory that I have of that beautiful garden is the meticulous lawn that my grandfather would care for. He did not like the little daisies growing on his lawn, but we loved them and would make daisy-chains and crowns. Once, very early in the morning, I think it was before dawn, my grandmother woke me up and said that we would have to go out and walk barefoot on the lawn, which was still wet from the morning dew. And we should be making a wish when we do this - then we would find the right husband. I was probably six or eight and so gullible. Very funny.
My Juno shawl is growing nicely. I have about 4 inches left before I start the opposite lace pattern. Then it should be a quick finish. I look forward to wearing it.

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