Food of Life

Besides browsing through it and looking at the wonderful pictures of delicious food, it is sprinkled with wonderful drawings, anecdotes and Persian traditions. And the settings of the food, the dishes, the fabrics, how I would love to have them all. I know how to cook Persian food, I had the best teacher, my mother-in-law who is a great cook. But once in a while I have to look up some ingredients or amounts and this is the best work of reference for that. This weekend I cooked Lubia Polo. Which is a green bean rice pilaf. So wonderful, and I think I may have mentioned it before, it is my favorite dish. Next on my list of books I will buy From Persia to Napa: Wine at the Persian Table
I can't imagine that we did not visit Napa all those years living in the Bay area. This is definitely on my destination list. So is Vancouver, people....
Despite all the good food I have noticed that I found my waist. Could that be? I saw it this morning and I was very happy.
This weekend was a couch weekend (aren't they all?). It rained, actually poured, all Saturday afternoon. All the mopping I had done in the morning was for the dogs, literally. They both were dripping and shedding and it was a mess. Sunday was a horizontal day, due to some feminine issues (when is that going to stop? I am over 50 already!!) But I got a lot of knitting done on my Juno. It is progressing nicely and a fun, mindless knit. It also was a great time to watch a romantic movie: Before Sunrise. I liked the way the two main characters, played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy connected. Their conversation was so natural and did not sound like a script at all. I am looking forward to the sequel Before Sunset which is on my Netflix queue. 
So if Monday goes by fast, then so will the week. Have a great one.

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