A Blue Heron

The baby beanie was greatly appreciated. It's nice when you can make someone happy.
Today I am happy too, with my new yarn that I bought on Saturday.

And it all happened like this: I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch on Saturday, but it got canceled on a short notice. I did not feel like staying at home, the weather was great and so I decided to drive to the beach, a few miles north to Encinitas. In the back of my mind I just knew that I would buy some yarn, because I took a dress along which I plan to wear for a friend's wedding in September. I had imagined knitting a stole or large shawl with a yarn that matches the colors of the dress (forgot to take a picture of the dress) and so I set out to take a nice drive and walk and browse through The Black Sheep store. And here is my treasure:

Rayon/Metallic by Blue Heron Yarns in Colorway Water Hyacinth/Copper

It seems as if this is just karma. I felt so drawn to this yarn, I do not even know why. The colors all show up in the dress somehow and the metallic thread just makes it even more festive, perfect for a wedding. I was not looking for a specific yarn company, but when I saw that this yarn was made by Blue Heron Yarns, I just knew it was right. Because early that morning with my first cup of coffee I had finished the book The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman and I must say this is one of my favorite books by Hoffman. It's a story about romance, love, death without being sad. A blue heron plays a part in each life of the women, whose stories are magically entertwined in a very surprising way. The story was still lingering with me that morning and when I felt that hank of yarn and saw it said Blue Heron, I knew it was the right choice.

My second choice of yarn to accompany the dress is

Merino Mia by Prism in Colorway Tumbleweed

These colors actually are an exact match with the dress. I chose the Prism yarn, because I have enjoyed knitting the Wabenschal with the Prism Saki yarn and I can imagine making a similar scarf. A few patterns come to my mind that would work with about 380 yards.
And now starts the joy of finding the right pattern to go with these wonderful yarns. On Ravelry I noticed that the Clapotis is a favorite pattern used for the Blue Heron Yarn, that could be one option. On the other hand although I am not a big fan of triangular shawls, I may try the Swallowtail Shawl again.
Oh, and here is a picture of my dress:

On my Juno I have only 2 pattern repeats left before I get to the grafting part. I have found another great link to easy grafting instructions by Romi. I have been a bit wary on the grafting part, but now I think I can master that without any problems.

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