Wearing of Shawls

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My Juno Regina shawl is coming along slowly as this is not a TV project. The pattern is easy to follow, although at first glance I thought it was confusing. I am at Chart 3 and can't wait to get to the easy middle part which I assume will be more of a mindless knitting part until you get to the opposite end of the shawl. That would give me a chance to start another lace project without confusing charts. I saw an interesting scarf, the Traveling Woman, which is designed by Liz Abinante while I was browsing the What Housework blog.  I think this could work with the one skein Regia Tweed.

Ahh, this weekend was dedicated to three drawers of my dresser.
One is for my underwear, which is now easy to open compared to a stuffed drawer before. I used to own a black bra, but do not know where that went. Clutter Lots of old t-shirts that doubled as nightgowns have been discarded.
Second drawer held all socks, stockings and nylons. Yes, I encountered the infamous sock syndrome. Done, drawer opens now.
And the bottom one held everything from satin and cloth scarves to gloves, hats and bathing suits. Everything that I have not used in the past 10 years was out of there. Which means almost everything is in a Goodwill bag now. How did I ever fit into that pink bathing suit and why do I even own a 2-piece suit? Did I really wear that many scarves or kerchiefs in the 80s? Ouch, that means that I have been hoarding these for 30 years now.... Am I a HOARDER? Have you ever seen that show? It's scary. Well, of course I did not part with all of the scarves, I kept my favorite ones that have memories attached. My new plan is making pillow cases out of some.  I think that is a brilliant idea, just need to find the time to start sewing too. I could sell the satin ones to make pretty quilts. Or I could sell my 80s costume jewelry on eBay. But that would be my next drawer to clean up.
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