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Feeling a few pounds lighter already. I started to reduce my portions and count my calorie intake. It has been almost 3 weeks and I lost 2.5 pounds, so not that much in a hurry. Of course, if I don't start exercising, it will not see any progress either. I am afraid I might lose muscle instead of fat. But what do I know, never having watched what I ate or moved my butt from the couch.
I love ice cream and now I have discovered Skinny Cow and it is delicious. So I do get to treat myself to an ice-cream bar twice a week. (That picture is not Skinny-Cow ice-cream, but delicious Italian Gelato).
Also, I have reduced my glasses of wine per week. Not one glass (oops, usually more than one) per night, but maybe every other night, or like at this time, none at all, because I am out of wine and I don't have to go grocery shopping yet. So I will wait till Friday when my list is done and my fridge is empty.

Although I should be editing a few Excel spreadsheets at this time, I am stressing out over what to make for dinner.
A great source to find some low calorie recipes is on SparkPeople. I am finally using that site and tracking my calories, weight and measurements. I had started that last year, but the motivation stopped somewhere along the road. Now I am motivated again, because I have only two pair of pants that fit and many nice outfits in the closet that are collecting dust.
Actually, that is not the reason I got motivated. The truth is, that a certain look which I received from a visitor at work kind of made me look at my body in profile and it was not pretty. I never expect to be a skinny type but just a few pounds less will greatly improve my mood.
Here are two recipes that I love and that are so easy and fast to make in the evening:
Baked Pork Chops  - I  replaced the evaporated skim milk with 2% milk and only used regular bread crumbs for breading.
Mexican Chicken - I made my own taco seasoning mix, as described in the first comment.

What I love most about these recipes, is that I do not mess up the stove top and I don't have to watch them while they are in the oven. Saving time and calories - just a great solution. And the family enjoyed them too.

Keeping on counting.

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  1. I find I can lose weight easily by just cutting calories, but to feel good and look better, I need to exercise. Either way, 1 pound a week is always my goal. Losing weight slowly but steadily is the best way to make it permanent. (Oh, and walking the dog/s is great exercise!)