February 17, 2010

If it weren't for work I would have time to do the things I like. But someone has to pay the bills. 
One of the things I like to do, is to change my mind fairly often. I have undone the Kernel and started over. The yarn was not right, I knew it even before I cast on, but did so anyway. Darling Filati, is a cotton/acrylic blend, which I like to knit with, but it is not made for the lacy pattern in this scarf. So I decided to make a short sleeved top for the summer.  I did not bring my notes or knitting with me today, so I can't point out which top it is that I decided on, but I think it will work with this yarn. And it should be nice to wear in the summer evenings over a tank top. Well, who knows how that will go, but I will give it a whirl. I think I will definitely try the Kernel again with a different yarn.
My Juno Regina is progressing nicely. I love knitting the middle part. The perfect knit when you are tired in the evenings and cannot concentrate too much on complicated patterns. Kind of how I felt the last two weeks with so much going on at work, long hours and crappy moods at home. That is my kind of meditation.

I have been watching the Winter Olympics off and on, not really being so much into it, but I did watch the opening ceremony in it's entirety. I was really disappointed when the German team walked into the stadium. They were wearing the most hideous outfits of all the other countries. What was up with those pastel pinks and baby blues, combined with yellow stripes? Fortunately their competition outfits are the nice black, red, gold colors so typical for Germany. Someone told me that the designer for the ugly ones was Willy Bogner, also called the inventor of sports fashion. He participated in the 1960 Winter Olympics and is now active in fashion and film. On the other hand, I love the US team's Polo Ralph Lauren designs.....

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