Chart 3? My a$$....

I am not at chart 3 on the Juno Regina shawl. I thought I was. 
I was last night and so happy to make progress, but something did not calculate the way it should. Hmmm.... after re-reading the chart and recounting the stitches and knitting backwards for a row or two, it still did not come together. I had too many stitches at the end. Anyway, to make a long story short, I should have printed the charts in color.......damn it. Because in black & white the pattern repeats did not show clearly. I had added that one knit stitch on the left side in A and on the right side in C to the B repeat. Sorry that sounds confusing, but those were the 2 stitches that were two too many. See, how it clearly shows in the red frame that these two knit stitches belong to the A, or C repeat? 
Now, I do not carry a life line, although it would make sense to do so with any lace pattern. In any of my previous lace projects, if I found an error that needed to be corrected a few rows down, I would just pull out the knitting needles (gasp) and unravel the thing to about two rows above my mistake.Then I will unravel stitch by stitch slowly inserting the needle into the undone stitches again. Then I would knit one row backward which is unraveling, a kind of  stitch by stitch unraveling while keeping the stitches on the needle. 
In Juno's case, not a big deal, because I only need to go back to the last row of Chart 2 and we are only talking about 89 stitches. I brought my knitting to work today and will go for it at lunch time. Wish me luck.
After all this trouble, I will probably still never use a life line - where would all the fun be with lace anyway?


  1. Lace knitting is supposed to be fun? Someone should have told me!

  2. At least you caught your mistake! I think the hardest part is figuring out what happened, not "tinking" and fixing the mistake. Good luck today, and report back!