Welcome 2010

A happy New Year, health and peace to all.

My horoscope for 2010 is promising. Every year we say it can only get better than the previous one. As the last year was good, I am confident that we can also embrace whatever is planned for us this year. So, here we come, full of ideas and plans.

Celebrating the new year with my parents was real special. I will cherish this moment forever. I just wish that my kids could have been here with us.  Here my parents are watching their grandson playing with his daughter, the cutest little girl I have seen in a long time. What a happy little toddler and I am amazed at how great my nephew and his girlfriend are as parents. Compared to myself at that age with kids, I feel as if we were totally clueless of how to raise and feed the kids in a healthy manner. They did turn out great, though.

What is the part that will just enforce my resolution of losing weight? The good food of course, from the bread with butter, cheeses and goose lard (Gänseschmalz) with bacon. Probably sounds awful, but is so good with the dark bread. Käse-spätzle are a specialty in this area, the Allgäu. Hearty food and very friendly people, happy cows too, but they are inside at this time of year. The cows graze on the neighboring property in the summer and moo at my parents when they enjoy the sun on their patio. This keeps my dad really busy, because he constantly has to check the fences and see if they have enough water, although it is none of his business, but who can ignore a sad cow's mooing?

And then there are the afternoon coffee and cake sessions, I have mentioned before.  Here is a pineapple cheesecake. We had to add some whipped cream on top or some vanilla icecream. Yummy.

Before we enjoy the sweet afternoon, we go for a walk or drive, sightseeing. Churches and ruins. On the Auerberg we visited this old church, the St. Georg, which is unclear when it was built, but there are signs that it was on the hill by around 1500. The Romans had settled on this hill around 1437, based on the findings during excavations around the church.
I climbed up the old tower and tried to take some panoramic pictures of the area, the weather was cloudy and rainy that day, so not the best view.

Two more days and then it's back to work. So there is still some time to enjoy this trip.

Happy New Year to all!

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