Finally it's clean again at home

Sunday the air was filled with dust at home (cough, cough) and I was on a roll cleaning up the place after probably three weeks of neglect. I felt much better in the afternoon, so much that I started Project No 3, the Juno Regina stole with a yarn that my mom gave me. Junghans Freizeit is a blue colored wool/nylon blend - I cast on with 3.0mm needles and finished the first two of the charts. The yarn is easy to knit and shows off the pattern nicely. It does not feel really soft but it would work as a wrap nicely and I think it would look great with Jeans. Anyway, this is a nice project to carry along.
The other yarns that I bought are also wool blends as I mentioned before and I would like to make shawls or wraps with them. I like knitting these and I also get to wear them, opposed to any top or jacket that I knit and never feel satisfied with.

De-clutter update: 
More cosmetics removed, this time I emptied a small cup on my bathroom shelf that contained pens, all kinds of pens, for eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. I have to admit that some of these pens were oooold. Very old, maybe like over 15 years old. Do you think it was time to throw them out? Yeah! Besides being old, I never used them. I think I am over the teal blue eye-liner times....

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  1. Oooh...Juno Regina has been on my list for a loooong time. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!