Of course I knew that the first week of the new year will start off this way. Jetlagged.... I fall asleep at 7pm and wake up at 4am. All good. I have used the quiet time early in the morning to remove the x-mas decoration and clear up clutter around the living room. I make a coffee and have some cereal, which I usually never have time for. I manage to be on time at work and I manage to stay awake at my desk. Day 3 so far so good.

The trip was short, but so worth it spending time with my parents who are still in good shape. And it was wonderful to see my grand-niece. I hope it will not take another two years till the next visit. I have downloaded a slide-show of my trip on this page.

I bought some yarn in a small LYS in Kempten. The shop did not have a very big selection. They carried a lot of Opal Harry Potter yarn, but not in a colorway that I liked. I choose some Regia 4-ply and 6-ply as well as some Trekking. I will update my stash on Ravelry and start looking for new projects. Which is my favorite part of a knitting project. My mom thought that wool is not the right choice of yarn for me in San Diego, where it barely gets cold enough to wear a coat. But it does feel nice to wear a warm shawl around your shoulders when you are just wearing a t-shirt, so of course you can knit wool in San Diego. And shawls it will be.

After my foggled mind clears, I will start looking at my queued projects and new ones too. Currently still on the needles are the River Rapid socks and the Kernel. 

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