Leaving my comfort zone of knitting rectangles?

I have a subscription to Knitting Daily emails. And today's message contained a free pattern for the Zarabel sweater. It caught my eye immediately. Although I enjoy knitting scarves and shawls and I am not much of a sweater knitter, this does look like a fun knit. Cables and a simple lace pattern interact and somehow make the sweater look light and airy,  not heavy as cable patterns usually tend to look. I could also imagine this whole pattern as a shawl, it could work, I think. Something to ponder about over the weekend, maybe?
Sign up at Knitting Daily, it's the Inverweave Newsletter and you can get lots of interesting information. The current editor is Kathleen Cubley and I like the topics that she chooses. Of course they also want you to subscribe to Interweave Knits in every email, but if you can ignore that message, the content itself is full of helpful hints, tutorials and also patterns.

Oh, I am daring to mention that I have contemplated to undo my Greenjeans cardigan. I never wear it because the shoulders tend to fall down over my arms, so I am constantly pulling them up again. I may have knit it a size too large? I don't know. The pattern was a pleasure to knit, top down raglan sleeves, it went so fast. But I have never had good results with raglan sleeves. They always seem to be too large and wide under the arms, of course it is all my doing, I could come up with a calculation and correct the whole sizing, but do not know how. And have not had the motivation to do it either. There are lots of raglan pattern calculators online, maybe next time a raglan hits me, I will do some research beforehand.
Does this count towards my decluttering goal?

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