January 19th, 2010

I just can't think of a title. And this is my diary, right? So I am fine with a date.
I have finished one of the River Rapid Socks and started the second one right away, working on the heel flap already. Have been switching between the sock and the Juno Regina Stole - the sock I can knit and watch TV, for the stole I still need to follow the chart. The middle part should be more of a mindless knitting project. By then the second sock is done and I can start a new challenge.

I would like to turn this beautiful yarn into a nice scarf or shrug maybe.Time to browse Ravelry.

On the De-cluttering front:
I have emptied the medicine cabinets in the two bathrooms that we have. Oh boy, so many expiration dates. And I have so much Vicodin from two previous dental surgeries, it's scary. The thing with that drug was, that I actually did not need it at all, but one evening I took one just to be on the safe side on the first night after the surgery and it did not even numb the pain, it numbed me, making me indifferent to it. It was the weirdest feeling. I threw them out. (Although the teenie said that they would have been a hot item at her high school - how scary is that?)
Have a nice afternoon and drive carefully....

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  1. Congrats on following through with the decluttering . Could you throw some motivation my way ? Our medecine cabinet could use a clean up too , not to mention the spare / junk room /bedroom ...

    Can't wait to see your finished knits !