Dad's birdhouse

My dad's first task (after his cigarette) is feeding the birds in the backyard. The little birdhouse is right in front of the kitchen window. When I stand at the sink to wash dishes the little birds would be very entertaining. There are so many colorful ones that I have never seen in California. It seems that there are no birds except crows and hummingbirds in our area in San Diego. I love the variety and of course my mom knows all the names of the different kinds. Here is a list of the ones that I have spotted (German name first) Kleiber (Nuthatch), Gimpel (Bullfinch), Blaumeise, Kohlmeise, Schwanzmeise, Tannenmeise (different Tit birds), Buchfink (Chaffinch), Grünfink (Greenfinch), Goldammer (Yellowhammer), Goldhähnchen (Kinglet) and Buntspecht (Spotted Woodpecker). For years I have given my mom a Birds & Blooms Daily Planner and she uses it as a bird diary and makes notes of all the animals she spots in the yard. And as they live in a rural area, they have a lot of visitors.


  1. While we lived in the US we also had a lot of Blue Jays in our area (San Jose).
    This year the birds here in Munich's suburbia are very hungry. I really don't know how many "Meisenknoedel" I have already put up which are vanished after a few days!

  2. Hi Petra,
    actually I remember when we were living in San Jose, we also had a lot of Blue Jays in the backyard. That's why I am surprised that there are not many here. I will get a bird feeder for the patio.