Switching sock patterns

After finishing the scarf and the gloves, I only had the Sunday Swing Socks on the needles, but somehow it did not go along smoothly. The pattern just did not flow with me. I kept losing track of the first stitch or count and I do not know what it was about these socks, but I just did not enjoy the knitting. So I undid them as far as the ribbing, which I kept and with the same number of stitches I started the River Rapid Socks.
This pattern flows and it is one of those projects that I can't wait to pick up when I have a chance and just want to keep knitting on. The pattern is easy to follow and instructions are very clear.

I am also looking for a project to start for my 10 hour flight to Germany. As I enjoy knitting scarves and wraps the most, I am looking for something easy to work on while sitting in a tight seat and fighting a massive headache (which is usually the way I feel when I fly) but it still has to be challenging enough to keep me from feeling bored. Like the socks, it has to have a flow and a pull, something that I can't keep my hands off. So I have found two patterns that I may start before the trip to see if they have that certain pull. Juno Regina stole and the Kernel scarf both patterns from Knitty.com.
I will try it with the cotton/acrylic blend that I have from Filati.

I am getting antsy and I really do not enjoy going to work. Need to start my countdown.

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