Sight seeing

Today I took a short drive with my parents to a wonderful lake. The 'Alatsee' is close to Füssen and you can take a nice walk around it in less than an hour. The lake is flat and dark and the mountans and trees reflect clearly in the water. Although my camera could not take a perfect picture it still shows it clearly. A 'Gasthof' is located at the lake of course where food and drink is served in a cozy dining room.


But we did not have anything there because a great dinner was waiting at home: Leberkäs with potatosalad. Leberkäse is a bavarian type of baloney meatloaf that you bake in the oven and slice and serve with mustard. It's very tasty.

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  1. What a beautiful place!

    The food reminds me why I gained 25 pounds the year I lived in Germany. ;)