Merry Christmas

Every year we stand around the finished tree and say, 'this one is the best tree ever'. We do that every year, so wow, we must have that perfect tree by now. We set ours up last weekend and this year I did not stress out too much about it. It was fun.

Baking the cookies on Sunday was fun too. I was way better organized this year, making use of the limited space that we have in our kitchen and choosing the right recipes that were much easier to make. 

My helpers were: one daughter, who decorated 12 cookies and then had to leave for a social commitment..... a husband who tasted the results while watching football, and two dogs who waited for a cookie to drop....

We, or let's say I, made: Vanillekipferl, Zimtecken, Muerbeteigplaetzchen, Kokosmakronen, Oatmealcookies, and thumbprints. And I must say, not many are left, as these were also packaged up in little tins (I found them for $1 at Michaels) and handed out as give-aways to co-workers and friends.
It's been a great holiday season so far. Oh, and only 3 more days.....
(I linked to some of the German Recipes and some of the pages can be switched to English. - check it out.).

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  1. The cookies look wonderful, and the tree is beautiful! We say the same thing every year, and every year it is true. :)