Day 2 of my trip. I wake up at 4 am every morning. The house is quiet and dark. I have been shown how to run the modern shower contraption and the super great coffee machine. I have four hours to entertain myself. Knitting is not much of an option as I feel a bit dizzy. Neither is reading my book. I started Julie & Julia and I got hooked from page one. I knew my mom has that exact Julia Child cookbook, 60s edition in her kitchen, which I took out and enjoyed looking at. Actually, they showed the movie on my flight over but I was too tired to even watch a movie. The flight was ok, seats were comfortable, as comfortable as it can get, turbulences shook the cabin over the Midwest, I almost wanted to jump into my neighbor’s lap. Who by the way was a very nice Hungarian, on his way to Budapest to see his dying mother (what a bummer).

It is cold. Around –5 C. Very cold for me. Not much snow yet. I have not left the house except for a walk with the dog, Phoebe. We walked through a small forest, I love the smell of the pine trees, cut wood and mossy ground. The view from the house is amazing. Mountains, snow-covered rooftops, smoking chimneys, pine trees, ski slopes, sun rising behnd the mountains – all sights and smells I suck into memory to keep and enjoy when I am back at home in San Diego.
(posting this entry later as I could not figure out how to connect to the internet and just mentioning on the side that it sucks writing on a german kezboard (zzzzs and yyyys are reversed)).

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