How do you phrase that?

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So glad its Thursday. This week has been one of those. I guess everyone wants to get their stuff done before the holidays. I don't mind, because that makes time go by faster as I can't wait to get on that plane to Munich.
Most of my time I spend in meeting rooms, facilitating and taking notes.
These meetings can be very technical and boring and sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about. The typical discussions go like this:

A: We need to get the situation resolved and a plan has to be written.

B: Looking at these numbers it ain't a pig in the python.

A: Have you seen how we are doing against last year's plan?

B: Well, if you peel back the onion it's not there.

C: Ok guys, let me say one thing here. We have to grab them by the balls. They have to... you know... I have always been of the opinion that... remember what I said last year? I recently ran into George and he said the same thing. We have to do it now and not when the spaghetti hits the wall. (Everyone nodding in agreement)

B: Did you get that action item Susanne?

Me: (Huh? who is George? where is the action item?)

B: let's phrase it: Options/Implications to advancing to a lower cost structure.

Me: (WTF?)

Yes, I know, very entertaining....
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