My Moebius

It's so wonderful to read that others have similar family memories, thanks for sharing.

I am very happy to show off my Moebius cowl. What a wonderful simple pattern by Haley Waxberg. I was able to finish this in two days, or let's say two evenings, so that would count as one day, right?
This is a perfect present for the holidays. I used up most of one skein of the Lamb's Pride yarn and I have 3 more skeins left. So, all of them will turn into a cowl, one way or another. The yarn feels soft and not scratchy to me, but my sister and mother are very sensitive and do not like to wear wool around their neck. But this cowl is perfect for them as it does not feel as if it is strangling you. I am sure that they will like it. But there are other candidates who I can gift with one.
I only had a 5.0mm long circular needle, my thicker needles are all shorter, so the moebius cast-on by Cat Bordhi would not have worked with them. The yarn asked for thicker needles, but the 5.0mm did work fine. I am sure that I will finish another one over Thanksgiving.

Easy Moebius
by Haley Waxberg
Yarn:Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Superwash Bulky (Icyblue)
110 yards (1 skein)
5.5 mm circular needles
November 19 - November 20, 2009

I look forward to this holiday, as we are not traveling to the Bay Area (8-9 hour drive) this year, but will be staying at home. It would have been only the three of us, but now friends, who are visiting their son in Irvine, will be spending Thanksgiving with us. That is so wonderful and I am so excited to have them over. I am going to make the traditional turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes, but want to try out some different sides this year.
Cranberry relish with pomegranate syrup and mint is one that I will try. Here is another wonderful cranberry relish that a co-worker forwarded today which I may give a try. Red cabbage, the German recipe and brussels sprouts which only the husband likes. Teenie is going to make the dessert, let's see how that goes.
Too bad we still have to work tomorrow.

Es ist so wunderbar, dass einige Leser auch aehnliche Erinnerungen ihrer Familientraditionen haben und sie mit mir teilen. Der Nachmittagskaffee ist irgendwie doch so gemuetlich, besonders wenn es draussen kalt ist, wie zu dieser Jahreszeit, aber auch so schoen, wenn man im Sommer auf der Terasse sitzt und Erdbeertorte isst... Und wenn ich daran denke, dann stelle ich mir das nur bei meinen Eltern zu Hause in Deutschland  vor.

Mein Moebius ist fertig und ich finde er ist gut gelungen. Der Design ist genial und die Anleitung war super einfach. Ich habe noch drei Knaeule und werde bestimmt noch drei weitere Moebiusse (jetzt fehlt mir die plural form dafuer) stricken, das koennen tolle Weihnachtsgeschenke sein.

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