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While I was cleaning on Saturday morning I had the TV running and one of the channels showed the Addams Family Marathon. Do you remember the 60s show? I used to love watching this show as a kid. Now, as an adult, it reminded me that Morticia Addams used to knit. Actually they often showed her knitting on a sweater for some cousin or other with three sleeves or even more. As a kid this picture never occurred to me as being strange. My mother always had her knitting on her lap and a third sleeve? Of course, the Addams had a weird cousin somewhere...
Ahh, but when Gomez came to her side, she would say something in French and he would go all wild and kiss her arm and I would giggle.... But on Saturday I noticed the innuendo - Morticia was stirring the steaming punch bowl and Gomez was all over her, the vapor spread for a few seconds, hiding them both behind it and when all cleared, Gomez had that satisfied look on his face, and Mortica was kinda like ... 'now, now Gomez!.... Funny, I love it.
Hope you all had a great Halloween.

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  1. I loved the Adams Family! Great post :)