Is it Christmas yet?

I am in a hurry now for Christmas to come soon, because over the weekend I planned something totally unexpected....!!!
I am going to fly to Germany to visit my parents.... yesss!.
Plans are as follows: Christmas Eve we will celebrate (the German tradition) at our place here. Kids will be at home with us. Looking forward to that.
Then on Christmas Day at 8pm I will board a plane to Munich.
Not that we could afford this trip, not at all, but my company is shutting down over the holidays and what a great opportunity to take that free time off and visit parents who are getting older and whom you have been missing so much.
Shall I start a count-down already?

Am Wochenende habe ich es mir doch ueberlegt. Da die Firma Betriebsferien macht ueber die Feiertage, muss ich doch diese Gelegenheit nutzen und die freien Tage (ich habe ja hier in den USA so wenig Urlaub sowieso) ausnutzen. Ich fliege nach Muenchen, um meine Eltern und Schwester zu besuchen. Hurrah. Silvester im Allgaeu! Was kann man sich schoeneres wuenschen? Meine Familie mitzunehmen, nur geht das dieses Jahr leider nicht.


  1. Good for you ! Sometimes you just have to seize the opportunity ; everything will work out . As my BF Shirley always tell me "you do what you have to and it will be fine ". I hope that you have a wonderful visit with your family !

  2. Thank you Frieda for the kind wishes. I look forward to my trip and at this time enjoying the pleasant anticipation.