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A slice of pecan pie
Oh my, isn't this the best time of the year ever? I am at this moment noshing on half a slice of pecan pie and half a slice of cherry pie at my desk. I have to admit that I added some whipped cream on top of them and also took a corner of a brownie. We had a Thanksgiving Potluck at work and what a spread we had.... yummy.
I really like to get a cup of coffee around 3pm and if there was a slice of cake every day even better, but that would probably kill me. It does remind me every day of my parents (who I am going to see soon, yeah), because my mom gets up at 3pm and goes into the kitchen to make coffee. She always has a piece of cake or something baked for my dad. The funny thing is, that their dogs have an internal timer and nudge her when it is 3pm, because they also get a treat. It's like saying "c'mon Mom, time for our treat'. I miss that, the so called "Gemuetlichkeit" the German way. I tried to get this going at my home on a Sunday at least, but it seems we are always on the move, either shopping, or out with the dogs or I just forget when watching a football game on TV. Mom always asks my dad, 'would you like a cup of coffee, Werner?' and he replies, 'yes, Sweetie' every time, every day.

Last night I finished the fingerless gloves that will go with the long scarf. They turned out pretty, I think. So I was trying to model them last night, but the light is not that great and then again this morning. I had to laugh when I was posing my left hand to pick a flower (nothing was flowering at this time, really) and trying to catch the picture with my right. The things we do for our blog.
I will call them "Horizontal fingerless gloves" and the pattern was really easy:

Cast on 40 st and knit a rectangle for about 7 inches (17cm) - that was about the measurement of the circumference of my hand at the widest part. To make the knitting a little bit more interesting I added a few rows of reverse stockinette (purl right side, knit wrong side) which gave the gloves some horizontal ribs. The length of the glove turned out about 5 inches (12cm), this can be adjusted by casting on more or less than 40 stitches.
I folded the rectangle at the widest side, right sides facing each other and sewed them together, leaving a 1.5 inch (4cm) gap open for the thumb. I crochet two rounds as border around the top and then around the bottom of the opening to keep it from rolling and giving it a nice clean edge. Also one crochet round around the thumb opening. Well, my pictures never show that well, but the gloves look great and my daughter loves them. I still have a little ball of yarn left and I might knit a headband, to keep the ears warm. A perfect set for the winter.

Horizontal Fingerless Gloves
by Me
Yarn: Prism Saki

? yards (not much)

4.0 mm circular needles
November 16-19, 2009

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  1. My mom when she was alive kept up the same tradition . Three o'clock coffee time on Sunday afternoons was really special . She was a terrific baker and put on a real nice spread, special coffee cups , fancy tablecloth , the works . I miss that so much. We have the kids over often , but that tradition seems to have slipped away ...

    The scarf and mitts are very pretty !

  2. When I lived in Germany, my host mom always had "Kakaotrinken" at 4 pm. Every single day. She would make hot cocoa with milk from the dairy next door (cream stirred in) and shaved chocolate bars, and she always had a Torte or Kuchen made fresh--sometimes more than one. It's no wonder I gained 25 pounds that year. ;) God, I miss that!

  3. I love your comments on the afternoon coffee traditions. The table cloth and nice china, yes that's what I miss, too. Usually the tablecloth had a border or corners with hand-stitched flowers, made by a grandmother or aunt. I don't know why a table cloth never looks as elegant on my dining room table...